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Can I do a book fair everyday?

I attended a local author’s book fair yesterday, and for the very first time I stood on the other side of the table, as an author. Actually “other side” is more figuratively in this situation, because I often stood on the same side as the people talking with me about my book and their interests. It’s so much more enjoyable talking with folks without a big table between us!

This event yesterday felt like the fastest two hours of my life! When I overheard my new friends, also local authors, Denise Honaker and Heather Chastain say goodbye to each other I exclaimed “Whose leaving!?” They said, “We all are, it’s 2pm.” I couldn’t believe it! I felt like only twenty minutes had gone by, not two hours!

To my utter delight, I sold a handful of books at the fair. However, far beyond the value of those transactions, I made new friends, gained a wealth of knowledge, and met some incredibly wonderful and interesting people. The positive and inspiring energy in the room was truly intoxicating and super motivating.

I can't wait for my next fair adventure, no matter which side of that table I am on!

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