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Explorer. Dreamer. Creator.

Welcome to my website! Come journey with me!


The Silver Lihat

A fantasy book like you have never read before!

When Amber, a high-strung bully trying to get through a boring internship the summer before her senior year, starts seeing the world as a dazzling, mind-blowingly colorful, happy place she’s certain she has finally lost her mind.

Yet, when she meets others who share her psychedelic hallucinations, she discovers a new life that throws her into an emotional upheaval and unexpected adventures as she struggles to determine what is real and rediscover her lost sanity all while trying to figure out a rude and brutish stranger who keeps finding his way into her heart and her messed up head.

Coming Soon

Check out Loving Lily!

My first novel!

Your heart will race and your heart will melt. Follow Elizabeth as she runs from her past and stumbles into a possibility that she never would have expected!

Loving Lily

July 2014

Loving Lily is a story about a young woman with a horrific past and no self-worth, who thinks she has finally found a safe and normal life. Coworkers and neighbors know very little about her, assuming her to be reclusive and odd. Yet, they are unaware of the terrible secrets she hides from every day.

Elizabeth, now a young adult, had to escaped from her abusive step father when she was very young and live off the streets, continually running from him until she could pass for an adult, get a job, an establish a somewhat normal life.

The horrors that her step-father put her through were gruesome and unparalleled, but she was the key to his success and fortune so he could not be satisfied until he found her again and either put her back in her place working for him or in her grave.

Loving Lily begins on the gut wrenching day that her step father finds her again and she attempts to run again for her life. However, she is caught by one of his minions who is unusually and oddly kind to her, and then suddenly to her surprise he kidnaps her for himself!

While they travel together to supposed safety and establish a haven, readers journey through the twists and torments of her shatter mind and damaged soul as she tries to find truth and determine whom she can truly trust. Her heart wants to believe in this new man in her life, but her head is a wretched mess of fear and confusion.

This book is not only about suspense and romance, but also the evolution and journey of one woman’s path to physical and emotional freedom. Readers will experience life through her eyes as she discovers how to love her hero… and herself.

Suzanne Dillon Loving Lily
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My Other Titles

My Hobbies and Loves!


Girl's Rugby

I coach high school and middle school girls rugby, teaching girls to be strong and confident, and hopefully giving them good, healthy life lessons along the way.


Latin Club Dancing

I'll dance any way I can, so long as it's wild and free. My favorites are salsa, bachata, and hip-hop.
Dancing is the one thing that takes my mind off of everything but the moment!


and Runner

Just give me a path through the woods and I'll give you peace and love to the world.
I hike to get lost in nature and in my mind, but I run so that I can eat eat eat!

Cat Mom


She's always by my side and always gets what she wants!
She loves her naps on my desk while I work and she loves her catnip inspiration even at her old age!

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Reach out anytime! I would love to hear from you!

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Suzanne Dillon
A Little About Me

My Short Bio

I grew up in small town Indiana before settling in Indianapolis.

I love writing, reading, and anything that keeps me busy, including
tutoring 3rd graders in reading and coaching young girls to be strong and confident!

I tutor, I coach, and I write about hard things in life in hopes that I can make

a difference for someone. I've decided my purpose on our planet is to

positively impact as many beings and aspect of this world as possible.

I myself am not great, but I hope to make life great for the world around me.


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